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Meet The Officers

Dr. Shanda Y. Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Shanda Y. Smith

Dr. Shanda is a firm believer in Jesus Christ. In her counseling practice, she discovered her heartbeat which is working with women; she is inspired to help them find their value, worth, identity, and love in themselves and in Jesus. THAT'S FREEDOM! As a result of her work with women, she founded Finding Love For Today® Women's Organization, a non-profit. In her free time,

Dr. Shanda enjoys all things self-care-related.


Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Coder

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and IT Management. Her experience has been a  connection of healthcare and IT. She has managed staff in a community health center in Seattle, WA. Then as an Application Specialist training medical software to Radiologists and other medical staff around the country and abroad. Her most recent work is in Customer Success, creating ways to sustain and improve the relationship between vendor and customer, in the healthcare industry. She is excited to be a part of this organization because of its commitment to helping women. She believes in a healthy work life balance, and enjoys traveling with her husband. 

Dr. Shanda Y. Smith


Chemeka Smith

Chemeka graduated from Arizona State University and fell into the mortgage industry shortly thereafter. Chemeka has 15+ years of experience and all of her careers has been spent in Wholesale Lending in a variety of positions. Currently, she is a Senior Underwriter for one of the fastest-growing industry leaders in Non-QM and Prime lending in Orange County.  Chemeka enjoys working with other professionals in the mortgage industry to assist home buyers to realize the dream of owning their own home.  She has lived in Orange County, CA for over 18 years. Chemeka loves everything Southern California has to offer including the beach, hiking, and biking. 

Program Coordinator

Ashley Carey

Ashley was born and raised in Southern California. She earned her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and has five years of experience working in the counseling field and nonprofit sector. With a passion for helping people, Ashley enjoys developing relationships and creating programs that promote a positive & healthy sense of self. When she's not working, Ashley loves spending time in the arts.

Hydrangea Flowers_edited.jpg

Events Coordinator

Jameka L. Joiner

Jameka is a gifted “creative” who is known for designing events that create joyous and memorable experiences. She is a true visionary who takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary by utilizing the five senses, creativity, and her keen eye for design. Jameka is certified and has been fortunate to train under Kathy Romero (celebrity event planner of NYC). As well as, assisted with styled shoots for the publication of the Mosaic Bridge Magazine. Jameka loves to serve others through her creativity and looks forward to helping people to be in the atmosphere of their special day. 1 Peter 4:10

Dr. Shanda Y. Smith
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