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What's Your Why?

Your why is key to your purpose.

I am sure you have heard this question before. This is a trending question asked to attendees in workshop settings, podcast platforms, magazine articles, etc. Though it is a trending question, it is indeed an important question to answer. Do you know your why? Knowing your personal why is connected to your purpose in life. There is a specific reason(s) God placed you here on earth, and I want to encourage you to find out the reason(s). There is no one else on earth that can do your why like you can; your why is unique to you, just like your fingerprint is unique to you. There are no two fingerprints that are alike as there are no two whys that are alike. God gave your why, your purpose, only to you and with you in mind. When he knitted you in your mother’s womb, he knitted you with all the natural talents, skills, and abilities (Psalm 139:13) to accomplish your purpose (your why). And He wants you to come into an awakening of what that is. If you don’t know your why, consider the simple keys below:

1: Discover it. Whatever your why is, it comes natural to you; it is your heartbeat, passion and you could do it with ease.

2: Walk in it. Set realistic goals and be consistent.

3: Thrive in it. Grow from one level to the next. Limitless possibilities. With God all things are possible.

Knowing your why fulfills your purpose!

Shanda Y. Smith, PhD., LMFT

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